Ground monument and cultural monument

Ground monument and cultural monument Ancient pre-Christian prehistoric fort system and prehistoric cult site. Massive dry-stone walls of boulders with ditches connect the rock towers. A monument of premier importance in Westphalia.

Archaeological reserve

Excavation work by the department for the preservation of historical monuments is intended to bring light into the darkness of the prehistoric era. Perhaps someday they might solve the mysteries of the past.

Nature reserve

The rocks and block fi elds are habitats for wild plants, rare and endangered flowering plants as well as lichens and mosses, some of which are relics of the Ice Age. At the same time they are breeding grounds for rare bird species, e.g. peregrine falcons. A protected area of special uniqueness and outstanding beauty, characterised by the striking rocks of Bornstein, Goldstein, Feldstein and Ravenstein.

History of origins

Formed and erected in the Devonian about 380 million years ago by the outflow of molten earth magma and later folding, the porphyry rocks stand up to 90 metres high and are visible from afar on the Istenberg.

Forestry and cultural management

The Gaugreben Forest produces the natural raw material of wood along with valuable ornamental trees and Christmas trees as well as fi rewood. In addition, it supplies fi ne game meat from the hunting grounds. The well-kept forests and meadows have high recreational value and ensure a natural environment, protect our water and air and thus form a beautiful piece of our earth. In this way, the owner family also promotes the monuments entrusted to its care and supporting a valuable archive.

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Pictures, texts and exhibitions about

  • the fascinating development of the Bruchhauser Steine 380 million years ago
  • the mysterious rock wall as a Fliehburg and cult site
  • the rare flora with glacial findings
  • the peregrine falcon and his breeding place